A site about Sean McAlpine and his family genealogy


The following pages contain a transcription of my Grandfather's Genealogical work from over the last sixty years. It contains his complete narrative "The Family Tree of James McAlpine - Roots and All" as well as the McAlpine Genealogical tree that he prepared in PAF format. I have also begun to add the newspaper articles his mother, my great-grandmother, Isabel (MacLean) McAlpine submitted to the Bancroft Times over a four-year period in the early 1980s. My Grandfather asked me to preface these pages with the following:

The following genealogical account entitled " The Family Tree of James McAlpine - Roots and All" was prepared by James Francis McAlpine, 503-2019 Carling Avenue Ottawa, Ontario K1A 4A2, over the years 1950-2012. It is his wish to record here a very special acknowledgement to his daughter Isabel Marie McAlpine, for the many hours she spent in typing and editing the narrative portion (245 pp.) and converting it to electronic form in 1994. Likewise, he wishes to extend, herewith, his similar heartfelt thanks to Martha Kostuch, a descendant of Iowa Mike McAlpin, Rocky Mountain House, Alta., who unstintingly spent hundreds of hours and talent to type and enter all the individual genealogical data (2000+ entries) into Personal Ancestral File (PAF) format. In conclusion,"To my eldest grandson, Sean Patrick McAlpine, I extend sincere thanks for presenting this work on his personal web site- - and for the improvements he has made on the tables as well as for the corrections and additions he has made and will make in the future."