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A site about Sean McAlpine and his family genealogy

Sites I visit regularly

    Viral videos before they become viral
    Excellent news aggregating site though it leans primarily to the right.
  • Internet Movie Database
    The best online resource for the movie/tv entertainment industry.
  • All Music Guide
    The best online resource for information on recorded music, music artists and excellent articles on music history.

Best of the web

    It goes without saying that google is the first site you need to visit to find anything on the web. Try the "more" link at the top because there are lot of very useful tools behind the deceptively simple web page design.
    The best place to find any new product you're looking for (like books, music and DVD/Bluray sets.)
    The most comprehensive online encyclopedia you'll find anywhere on the planet.
    The #1 online auction site to find anything from the secondary market (though you have to be careful about pricing and the seller.)