Sean and Cherie on the road

I have tried to keep to one annual trip over the last few years, visiting New York City, Vancouver, London, Dublin, Ireland and the UK.  Unfortunately for this site, I have only recently started to take pictures.  I have gotten over my reticence of taking pictures and I have to thank my friend Derek Ferguson for his wedding gift for this.  Derek gave me a digital camera so I don’t have an excuse any more. My pictures cover the last three trips I have taken to the UK, Ireland, and New York City.  The first trip I took on my own so that's why you won't see me in any of them.  The second Cherie came along so I was able to share the experience as well as have someone to share the photographic duties with. The third trip we took just recently to New York City, my first time back since September 11th 2001.

UK & Ireland 2000

UK 2001

NYC 2002